Parameter estimation in neuronal stochastic differential equation models from intracellular recordings of membrane potentials in single neurons: a Review


  • Susanne Ditlevsen
  • Adeline Samson


Dynamics of the membrane potential in a single neuron can be studied by estimating biophysical parameters from intracellular recordings. Diffusion processes, given as continuous solutions to stochastic differential equations, are widely applied as models for the neuronal membrane potential evolution. One-dimensional models are the stochastic integrate-and-fire neuronal diffusion models. Biophysical neuronal models take into account the dynamics of ion channels or synaptic activity, leading to multidimensional diffusion models. Since only the membrane potential can be measured, this complicates the statistical inference and parameter estimation from these partially observed detailed models. This paper reviews parameter estimation techniques from intracellular recordings in these diffusion models.






Numéro spécial : Special Issue on Statistics and Neurosciences