Bivariate spatial point patterns in the retina: a reproducible review


  • Stephen J. Eglen


In this article I present a reproducible review of recent research to investigate the spatial positioning of neurons in the nervous system. In particular, I focus on the relative spatial positioning of pairs of cell types within the retina. I examine three different cases by which two types of neurons might be arranged relative to each other. (1) Cells of different type might be effectively independent of each other. (2) Cells of one type are randomly assigned one of two labels to create two related populations. (3) Interactions between cells of different type generate functional dependencies. I show briefly how spatial statistic techniques can be applied to investigate the nature of spatial interactions between two cell types. Finally, I have termed this article a ‘reproducible review’ because all the data and computer code are integrated into the manuscript so that others can repeat the analysis presented here. I close the review with a discussion of this concept.






Numéro spécial : Special Issue on Statistics and Neurosciences